I don’t think I’ve seen John Stamos in anything since Full House (besides those yogurt commercials of course) or Josh Peck since Drake and Josh.  However, that changed tonight when I watched the series premiere of Grandfathered.

John Stamos is a player and restaurateur that finds out he has a son. And a granddaughter. Oh and the girl he had a kid with is the Criminal Minds girl!

This sounds like the epitome of a sitcom (Baby Daddy anyone?).

I think my favorite part of the episode is when the son admit that he decided to meet his dad because of a Buzzfeed listicle he read (I LOVE Buzzfeed!).

Josh Peck only wears a green hoodie so he doesn’t waste time on clothing choices like Mark Zuckerburg, but don’t worry he has the most watched baby tutorial on YouTube!

He’s trying to get together with his baby momma and as a last resort asks Grandpa to babysit. Grandpa babysitting for the first time, what could possibly go wrong?

Also, did Bob Saget just make an appearance?

Honestly, I thought this was going to be a stupid new show that I wouldn’t like. I actually really enjoyed it and found myself laughing at more than expected.

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