Hidden Detail in Guardians of the Galaxy?

I recently heard a rumor that there was a huge easter egg as to some details about Peter Quill’s mom. As you know, one of the opening scenes of the movie shows Peter’s mother on her death bed, dying of cancer. One of the major themes of this movie deals with Peter cherishing the mix tape that was given to him by his mother in addition to the unopened gift that he has from her. Well, when we first see Ronan’s ship “The Dark Aster” there is an inscription under the name which gives us a cipher. Look at the picture for yourself below:

big pic

You’ll notice that on the very last line of that little section of text, is a cipher. Here’s another look at the code if you can’t see it with that picture:


If you replace each of the numbers with a corresponding letter of the alphabet, you’ll notice an interesting phrase is read.

T 8 I S + I S 13 O 13 19 + 3 1 N 3 5 1 8

T H I S   I S  M O  M  S +  CANC E R

What exactly does this mean? We know that this Kree ship belonged to Ronan the Accuser. Does this mean that Peter Quill’s mom got cancer from Ronan? Perhaps her cancer came from the Krees? Since we know the Kree created the Inhumans, did Peter Quill’s mom have something to do with the Inhumans? If so, does that make Peter Quill an Inhuman? That could definitely have been a reason that Quill was able to hold the infinity stone in the climax of the movie. However, I think that has more to do with who Peter Quill’s dad is. Hopefully Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 explores this a little more.

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