House of Cards Season 4 Trailer Coming?

Ladies and gentlemen, the season 4 trailer of House of Cards could be upon us. We will all have to wait until the Republican debate tonight.

Following their usual schedule of release, we expect season 4 to drop sometime in February on Netflix.

Whether or not you liked the 3rd season, we know most will come back to see what could possibly be the final season of one of Netflix’s premiere shows. The intense political drama has three seasons on Netflix already, each of which has created significant social buzz with each release.

Season 3 saw massive amounts of anticipation, along with some disappointment from fans. The season may not have been as big or lavish as some hoped for, but what we did get was a masterpiece of transition. What I mean by that is, if you happened to know the history of show’s development, then you know it is a remake of sorts of House of Cards that came on BBC I the 1990s. This show is very much matching the main beats of that program. If the beats remain the same then season 3 is almost the perfect transition to launch into a sensationally dramatic season 4 to cap off the series.

In my opinion, it would be fantastic to see season 4 be the finally of the show. Hopefully we will begin to see some marketing from tonight onward. I will be that the mysterious tweet from the twitter of the show is just the 1st in a long string that will lead us to the premiere of what could be the best finally in TV history.

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  1. Kameona Hokoana

    I hope this is the last season of the show. Would be sad to see them add filler content and drag it out just to make more money.

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