How much “Further” can they take this? …bahahaha (Insidious 3 Review)

Insidious 3 is a prequel. The third installment in the Insidious series, introduces a new family, but you are promptly reintroduced to the younger Elise Rainer, Spiritual Guide and Exorcist who has appeared throughout all of the Insidious movies thus far. In an effort to keep the beloved Elise alive the producers have taken the story back to a time when Elise was struggling with her gift to see the spiritual realm which she calls the, “Further.”

Origin Story. It seems that with all of superhero and post-apocalyptic chronicle movie hoopla, this scary movie has felt the need to become a canon. An easy way to hook an audience is to include flashbacks and tell the backstory of our favorite characters. Although flashbacks and backstories really interest me, this one just didn’t seem to hit the mark.  I just really didn’t care about these characters, and they really just didn’t seem to make any emotional connections to me or the audience.  

What type of scary is Insidious 3? There are five categories of “scary,” that one could classify a movie into: suspense, gore, jump-scare, terror/horror, and psychological.

I would have to classify Insidious 3 as a jump-scare type of movie. And it really barely meets the mark on that. For horror enthusiasts I would say that Insidious 3 had hints of terror sequences where the typical scary ghosts are slowly creeping towards the protagonist. For those who get scared very easily, I could possibly see the movie being scary. However, I would have to say that the Insidious movies have digressed in their terror aspect, and even in their jump-scary tactics, and have now become a story based type of movie.

Spoiler Alert****

Not only that, but later on there is a scene where Elise actually gains super powers within the “Further.” There was a brief “avengers assemble” moment at the end of the movie as Elise joins together with the two ghost busters Tucker and Specs.


I don’t know if I would recommend this movie to anybody. It just wasn’t very good. I can’t say that there was even one highlight that saved this movie or gives me positive thoughts about it, except for the fact that the graphics and the cinematography were decent. I love scary movies and this was just a disappointment.

Article by: Ricky Maldonado

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