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"I Choose You, Charley!" Jurassic World Review - Cinema Shelf
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“I Choose You, Charley!” Jurassic World Review

I hear a lot of people saying, “It was a good movie, but it just wasn’t as good as Jurassic Park.” And my reply is… were you expecting it to be better than Jurassic Park? And if you were why? Standalone this movie was amazeballs, … but seriously! It really did do a good job of contrasting the first movie (1993) and the cultures of that time, with today’s cultures. How many years is that anyways? 21 years, that is crazy, CRAZY! And I now feel old … sigh.

Torn. I like the velociraptors having personality. I don’t like the velociraptors having personality. Yes, that is correct I totally just typed that. But what I mean is that part of what was awesome about the Indominous Rex and what has always been awesome about the T-Rex in the movies is that they are uncontrollable wild animals. It is great to give the dinosaurs personality and characteristics, but if you take away their wild side and make them too human, then they just aren’t scary anymore. And in some ways the dinosaurs were like pokemon. 

Spoiler alert****

Ridiculousness. Okay, why did you make so many Pterodactyls and why did you make t-rex pterodactyls? I know they were greedy, but how did all of those flying dinosaurs fit in that dome to begin with anyways.

Did she really need to stand that close to the T-Rex to get him to follow her? And the heels, the heels.

Stop running in the same exact direction as the two huge dinosaurs that are destroying each other!


Overall I think this movie was great, and the box office proves it. Yeah, there were some plot holes and some ridiculous scenes, but overall I was very satisfied. I had a few moments where I questioned whether or not the main characters would survive, much like the feeling that I got as a kid when Jeff Goldblum was in the back of the truck being chased by the T-Rex in the first Jurassic Park. Something else that was totally awesome was the fact that this movie was less about the humans, more about Chris Pratt (haha), but more about the dinosaurs. I totally recommend it to anybody looking for a good non-stop adventure!

Feature Image from Darren Wallace’s awesome YouTube parody trailer of Jurassic World
Parody Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ah2xFRUaOg

Article By: Ricky Maldonado

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