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"I Hope You Save Enough Room For This Review..." The Running Man Review - Cinema Shelf
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“I Hope You Save Enough Room For This Review…” The Running Man Review

In The Running Man the villain is an evil game show host. The game is centered around prisoners trying to escape being murdered by “Gladiators” who all have their own theme like: an electric dude who sings opera, Captain Freedom (self-explanatory), and a razor sharp hockey stick-wielding guy. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger fights legendary NFL running back Jim Brown . WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT PEOPLE!?

Seriously though, how could you not be!?

The Running Man seems like a forgottenArnold movie at this point. It’s a hilarious movie that seems to completely personify what generations that came after the 80s stereotype the 80s as. The clothing, the futuristic imaginative society, and the insane dialogue that is wildly fitting for an Arnold movie of this era make up a memorable performance.

This movie is awesome. If you haven’t seen it, then watch it the next time you and some friends can’t find anything to watch. ITS ON NETFLIX!

It’s dumb to debate whether or not movies like this, Total Recall, and Commando are good or not. The fact that they’ve somehow survived for so long in pop culture is a testament to what these movies mean. You don’t have to think this movie is good! I don’t think this movie is good! I just really enjoy watching this because it really is a good time (for the most part). At least I laugh at everything most every time I watch it. Which is more than I can say for any current Adam Sandler movie (Sorry, Adam!).




From the moment the movie starts the puns and classic lines being. “Give you a lift!?” *as Arnold lifts a man up and throws him from an elevated platform* are the lines that make this movie awesome. The story arc is extremely predictable, except the path that Jesse Ventura’s character, Captain Freedom, takes. It’s rather random that he really doesn’t do anything. I honestly expected a truly epic showdown between he and Arnold, unfortunately we never got anything close to epic.


The movie moves rather quickly due to all of the villains and various stages they make Arnold move through. The supporting good guys in the movie are rather irrelevant except the bad guys. This movie isn’t apologetic about forgetting some of it’s characters. Most of them were meant to die from the start anyway, at least they all seemed like disposable characters.


I counted at least 23 puns or some sort in this movie. And I enjoyed every one of them. The action is awful, but the one liners are hilarious. The acting is miserable, but the movie is somehow an 80s personification that only an Arnold movie could be. Not his best role and not his worst role, though I think that even his worst roles are great especially in films like this. By the way, I am not counting Arnold movies made past the 90s.

Overall, I give this movie a 6/10


Keep in mind we are rating these compared to other Arnold movies, so these ratings are not what we would rate these compared to movies in general like we usually do. This is meant to be a fun week of movies and not very serious reviews!

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