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'Independence Day: Resurgence' Extended Trailer - The Good and The Bad - Cinema Shelf
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‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Extended Trailer – The Good and The Bad

Independence Day: Resurgence is NOT coming out this Independence Day, it’s actually coming out in theaters and IMAX on June 23 of this year. Which is somewhat understandable considering that the week of July 4th is packed with big movies coming out, or at least big enough to take away from the opening of Independence Day: Resurgence

July 4th week alone has 4 major movies coming out that include: Steven Spielberg‘s The BFG, The Shallows starring Blake Lively, The Purge: Election Year, and The Legend of Tarzan. Make of those what you will, but Independence Day: Resurgence would certainly suffer from each of these movies to some degree. Thus, making the decision for a June 23 release make more sense. Still, it’d be pretty great to have this movie come out on July 4th no matter what day of the week it is. 

The latest trailer shows a lot of footage, and a ton of key moments in the movie. The real question to ask is: is there anything left? The short answer is: Yes, although most will disagree. I say yes because there seems to be 1 key thing that has not been shown yet, and that is the mother alien of the invading species. Granted this extended trailer is almost 5 minutes of some of the most important moments in the movie, it is also trying to get people to come to the movie. Getting a crowd in the theater means money and the amount of money this movie makes will directly impact whether or not we get another film from this franchise. Now, do we want another film from this franchise? Well, maybe not, but still. We should all go see this movie, if not for your enjoyment of the movie, then for the enjoyment of America kicking some alien butt after you get done grilling hotdogs and shooting fireworks on July 4th (even though this doesn’t come out July 4th).

This movie seems to have some issues, like Will Smith not returning and possibly having too much world-ending action. The movie will obviously ask us to suspend our beliefs, but what major action franchise with aliens doesn’t? Some of the cool moments, callbacks and action may have been spoiled by this trailer, but maybe that means that we’re going to get even cooler moments in the finished movie! Okay, maybe not, but still! Let a guy hope!

Regardless, I’ll be there at some point between opening day and July 4th.

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