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Injustice 2 'The Lines Are Redrawn' Trailer & Thoughts - Cinema Shelf
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Injustice 2 ‘The Lines Are Redrawn’ Trailer & Thoughts

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. have released a new trailer that serves to highlight the foundation of a premise for Injustice 2. While not strictly a “story reveal” trailer, we do hear a well written commentary over a series of shots of characters like Super Girl, Batman and Superman, as well as cameos from other roster members that give a perspective of things to come. There’s enough here to excite fans with some beautiful CGI, truly stunning, and a few glimpses at a handful of new heroes and villains that will surely get a reaction out of those hoping to see their favourites in action.

The trailer ends with a reveal of Brainiac, who appears set to come into the big picture and completely shake everything up. A release date of May 19th 2017 is revealed at the end of the video along with an enticing pre order bonus in the form of Darkseid.


A few personal thoughts on this one, it seems we’re picking up from where we left off with Superman still incarcerated and full of rage as he seems to reminisce about the death of Lois and his unborn child and also his brutal murder of The Joker. Now I’m not sure how the alternating dimensions will factor into the story if at all. It’s also interesting to see that apparently Batman has developed his own controversial sense of justice and perhaps even is now enforcing his own dictatorship with all of his cameras running footage across the city streets. Even more interestingly he seems to overlook an act of violence by Harley Quinn on a seemingly unsuspecting member of the public, of course there could be more to it and Harley is working under Batman’s recruitment. It seems like we’re seeing two ends of the same spectrum with Batman’s watchful and imposing eye, combating Superman’s brute authoritarian world.


The most exciting moment for me was the brief but very obvious reveal that Poison Ivy is in, and I cannot wait to see her in action and hopefully playing a meaningful role within this universe, in my opinion an underrated and underused character outside of the fantastic portrayal in the Arkham series. Bane is quickly shown as a returning character and now even Robin too, appearing mid battle with Batman as Superman watches on from the shadows. On a quick final note, there didn’t seem to be any real showing of the armour upgrade system which may mean it is not a prominent factor in the overall plot.


If the point of the trailer was to raise even more questions, then job done, there will now likely be a number of character reveals in the coming weeks leading to the release of the game. More information will follow as it becomes available so stay tuned for that and leave your thoughts and expectations for Injustice 2 in the comments below.

Image and Trailer Credit – WB Studios

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