Don’t Be Mad When Deadpool Lives Up To The R-Rating

Did Deadpool offend you because you thought it was going to be another comic book movie? If you answered yes, then GET OUT OF HERE! It was wildly obvious that this movie was going to be Rated-R for a reason. Don’t trash the movie because you don’t agree with swear words or scenes that have crude jokes or even scenes that show some form of sex! Read the reason that the movie was rated R! Honestly, if you went to see this movie expecting to see something like Spider-man, then it’s not the fault of the Deadpool team. They have done an amazing job at: 1. marketing the movie 2. Telling you this movie wouldn’t be your average comic movie. Seriously, they literally had posters with Deadpool’s crotch that said “wait ’til you get a load of me”…really though


It shouldn’t surprise you that this movie has insane scenes, has crass jokes, or has a very very “we don’t give a Sh*!” about what you think attitude. He’s called “The Merc with a Mouth” for a reason.

Another thing to also point out that I’ve seen, uneducated, people on social media saying is that they will never see another Marvel movie again because of how this vulgar this movie was. Something you should know is that even though this is a Marvel property it is not made by Marvel Studios which makes the Avengers live action movies. Instead, it is made by Fox which makes the live action X-Men movies. Confused? Yeah, well you’re coming to the confusion party about a decade late then.

Anyway, before I continue my rant, I’d like to add that many of you knew this movie would be as vulgar and hilarious as it turned out to be. This movie is great, I’ll have a full write-up/review of this tomorrow evening so be sure to check back for all of my thoughts on the actual movie.

This movie did not disappoint, and according to almost anyone I’ve had a chance to talk to that has seen it, that’s the strong general consensus. I believe that trashing a movie online because it lived up to the expectations that it set for itself is a waste of time and, quite frankly, stupid. In vein of the movie this article is based on, I’ll be self-aware for a moment. This article is probably a waste of time, and quite frankly, stupid, but so are people and so is the internet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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