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Be forewarned, there are spoilers ahead.

Watching this series didn’t start out so well for me. I managed to accidentally watch the second episode before the first (which left me pretty confused). However, after I got that straightened out I proceed to spend a good portion of my weekend binge watching the series.

All I knew about the series going into it was that it was some sort of Marvel series about a female superhero (finally) in Hell’s Kitchen (like Daredevil) starring the always sassy Krysten Ritter.

Krysten Ritter plays the title character Jessica Jones. She is a “gifted” private eye AKA she has super human strength, heals quickly, and can jump/fly.

As many of the other characters in the Marvel universe, she got her super powers from an accident that killed her family. After the death of her family, she was taken in by a mom-ager as a way to boost her daughter’s image.

We also learn that another “gifted” person who can control minds, captured her, and forced her to do his bidding. She managed to get away but now he’s back and he wants her back. And now you know the premise of the show.

Sassy and smart assy AKA my kind of superhero. It’s about time Marvel has a female superhero. While a female superhero was teased at the end of Ant Man, this is the first Marvel movie/show to truly focus on a female superhero. Not only that, she’s the lead not just a side kick (no offense Black Widow).

Jessica Jones is darker than some of the other Marvel stories. It reminded me of Daredevil in that manner. However, I liked this show much better than Daredevil. Not that I didn’t like Daredevil, but I felt like Jessica Jones had much more developed supporting characters.

As expected, I appreciated the small crossover in the last episode with the nurse from Daredevil. But where were Matt and Foggy? They would have made much better lawyers for Hope.

The show focused on Jessica but also did a good job of building her backstory and the stories surrounding the other characters in the show. Also, her love interest isn’t exactly hard on the eyes.

In addition to Daredevil, this show also seemed to nod to another Netflix original, House of Cards. The lawyer Jessica works with bore a strong resemblance to Claire Underwood both in appearance and in attitude. Additionally, there was a scene in Jessica Jones at a subway station that looked oddly similar to the metro station in the infamous House of Cards scene.

I was left with a few questions after watching this series that will hopefully be answered in the next installment. Like who is Will Simpson? And what is IGH?

While Krysten Ritter seems to be type casted, (Veronica Mars – b*tch. Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 – b*tch. Jessica Jones – well I think you get the idea) I think she was a good fit for this role and I’m interested to see what happens next with Jessica Jones.

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  1. Rebekah Leach

    Get on it! There aren’t any major spoilers, but I hate spoilers so I didn’t want to accidentally spoil it for anyone.

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