Just Cause 3 Review

Rating: 8.5/10

Just Cause 3 is an INSANE open-world game that is full of action. There isn’t a dull moment in this game that has you liberating towns and provinces by destroying statues and causing havoc in police stations. This game is a must play for anyone who has a Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a PC that can handle it.

As I mentioned, this game is an open-world game that has a MASSIVE map. The world seems huge, with many towns and different types of terrains. There are vast oceans, tall mountains, and beautiful grassy, flowery meadows that you can traverse through. The graphics for this game are really well done and I played the game on the Xbox One. I imagine the game looks a lot better on a PS4 or PC. The game has a lot of content, with a good amount of main missions with a wide variety of side quests as well. If you paid full price for this game, you would definitely be getting your money’s worth. Although I would recommend seeing if you could rent or get it used before you buy it for full price.

There is so much that I love about this game. What first made me like this game is how ridiculous this game is. You literally start this game shooting an RPG at various tanks while standing on an airplane. How crazy is that? At one point, you even ride a missile! In this game, you can pretty much do anything you can seem to think of. I am reminded of GTA while playing this game as every vehicle is able to be stolen and used, and you can even shoot civilians if you wanted to (JERK). The variety of vehicles including cars, bikes, boats, jet skis, planes, and tanks are so much fun to use. What I really like is the use of repelling in this game. I found myself repelling every where I went to get there a lot faster. You can also parachute or use a wing suit to travel in the air as well.

The biggest negative for me in this game is the load time. Perhaps this is just an Xbox One issue, but every time you die or move on to another mission, expect to wait around two minutes for the world to load. This can get really frustrating if you die a few times in a row, which I admit that I did. Another negative for me is that the game can get repetitive, with the same objectives and fetch quests every time you try to liberate a town.

If you are in between games or looking for a game to try, definitely giveĀ Just Cause 3 a try. Its a solid game that will keep you busy for many hours if you choose to do all the missions.


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