Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Review

This 2005 thriller is really like no other. Robert Downey Jr. does a phenomenal job of playing his normal boastful self but in this film he isn’t a billionaire that we have been accustomed to seeing with his Ironman and Avengers flicks. RDJ plays a man who had dreams of being a magician but never made it big, causing him to use his skills to steal audio and video equipment for a living. The main supporting cast that accompanies RDJ to solve the murder mystery are Michelle Monaghan, who plays the childhood crush of RDJ, and Val Kilmer, who plays a private investigator. The dynamic between these three characters is so much fun to watch, especially Val Kilmer’s character and RDJ. Val Kilmer has a sort of big brother/schoolyard bully thing going on and it is fun to see him and RDJ interact.

The main thing that really makes this movie for me is the writing. While I won’t be giving any spoilers away, I can say that there are so many twists and turns to this movie, which can make it very difficult to follow what’s going on. It is that difficulty that makes watching this movie fun. I really don’t enjoy when movies are so predictably written. Also, I enjoyed the style this movie was presented in as well. The movie is narrated by RDJ and the style of narration is very similar to David Spade’s narration in Emperor’s New Groove.

Overall, I thought this was a good movie because it felt real. There was an apparent growth of RDJ’s character who in the beginning of the movie had never killed a guy to killing four guys in the climax of the movie. Nothing seemed super unrealistic in terms of the action sequences and storyline. The only thing I wish this movie didn’t have is nudity. It really is unnecessary and this movie would have been much better without that. Definitely isn’t a family friendly movie.

Rating: 7/10.

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