Lake Mungo: “Dude that movie is scary” “…No, it definitely is not.”

I had to write a review for Lake Mungo, because it is hands down my favorite scary movie.

Lake Mungo isn’t necessarily a mockumentary, it is a fictional documentary in the form of a news interview. The interview is between a distraught family and an unknown interviewer. The feel is as if Barbara Walters or Matt Lauer is on the other side of the interview asking the questions. 

What type of scary is Lake Mungo? There are five categories of “scary,” that one could classify a movie into: suspense, gore, jump-scare, terror/horror, and psychological.

I classify Lake Mungo as a high terror/horror movie with a touch of psychological twists. If you get scared by jump tactics or by being startled you will most likely find this movie boring as dirt.

You must last to the end! Lake Mungo is not for everyone. It is subtle, it is slow, and yes I have to admit it is quite boring at times. But I love knowing all of the little secret details in a story, and this movie definitely provides that.

Lake Mungo balances out its boringness creeping terror into your mind and allowing you to actually feel what the family feels. It is best to watch Lake Mungo by yourself or with just one or two people. Many of my friends grew bored in a group setting. If you miss one minute of the movie, you will not get the point of why it is scary in the end. I also advise that you watch this movie in complete silence, because a lot of detail is mentioned in the interview questions and the scare factor will dissipate if you don’t get the full feel of the movie. 

9/10 – If you like “horror/terror”

3/10 – If you like “Jump/Startle”

Lake Mungo is quiet, eerie, creepy, and can disturb your mind and soul for a while. Man… I still get shivers down my back every time I watch it. Not to mention that the music in this movie does a great job of accenting the how scary some of the scenes really are. I would totally advise that you at least take a gander at this movie because it is one of a kind, I have never seen another movie like it before.

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