Last Dance – Pretty Little Liars Review

Guess what! It is prom night again! Hopefully this one goes better than the last one. You know the one in the bunker dungeon thing?

Long story short, the girls aren’t allowed to go for the safety of the other students. Instead they have a prom in Spencer’s barn while the moms watch from the house.

If you aren’t caught up on Pretty Little Liars you might want to stop reading now.

Ali never shows up because Charles texts her to meet him at the real prom. Then she sneaks away from the barn wearing yellow, I think I’ve seen this episode. I feel like she’s supposed to be Belle chasing the Beast all over this prom.

Is this a Disney theme maybe? Aria looks like Snow White with that bow in her hair. While Emily looks like an evil queen with her lace crown. Hanna is resembling Cinderella in her wedding dress. I haven’t figured out who Spencer is supposed to be.

Since when do all the moms hang out? The moms are starting to act more like the girls with their sneaking around. And just like that they’ve been trapped by a wind named Charles?

Charles’ text wasn’t threatening Ali? He’s only been threatening you and your friends for how long now?

What is the likelihood that Caleb’s new job is with that company they all think is supporting Charles? I think it is. It has to be.

Clark has a gun? He’s undercover police? I did not see that coming. I thought for sure he was working for A or Charles or both.

And of course, the episode ends with a teaser of the man (woman?) under the mask. However, once again we don’t see who is under the mask, but at least now Ali knows (this isn’t going to end well). When will the madness end? Will we ever find out who A is? Who Charles is? How long can this go on?

Find out who A is after the Big ReveAl.

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