“Lilo and Stitch”

Lilo and Stich is hands down one of my favorite animated movies ever. So, I may be a little biased when writing this, so cut me some slack.

Just from an entertainment level this movie is great. Lots of humor and solid messages for kids watching the movie, plus it’s hilarious for adults as well.

To start, the plot of this movie is simple enough. An evil scientist makes a creature that is wildly deadly, it gets loose and lands on earth where the aliens have to go and retrieve the animal. The prologue of the story is great, but the real movie begins and the tone is set with a solid surfing scene. It may be odd that Kameona isn’t writing this review, because he’s Hawaiian and I am not, but trust me, this is my favorite Disney movie.

The cinematography and animation is sensational. The music plays perfectly with the tone of the movie, and the level of fun this movie provides to the audience is, in my opinion, unmatched by many. Stitch is adorable but deadly, but this truly is a story about the true nature of family.

A little girl who feels alone in the world meets an alien who is literally alone in the universe. At times it feels as if this movie is about to go deeper than it should, but then it restrains itself and gives us a look at the broader meaning, which is that Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. It’s great to see that line pay off several times throughout the movie, and its rather emotional to see the characters come to love each other at the same pace that the audience comes to love the characters.

Come on, it’s Lilo and Stitch, my only complaint is that we haven’t gotten a true sequel that matches the quality and passion this movie seems to have put into it. The movie is voiced really well, and somehow Stitch’s voice is perfect and hilarious. The timing of certain phrases makes this movie a great family comedy.

There’s really nothing more I can say other than go and watch this as soon as you can. I have an attachment to this movie because I loved this movie growing up. Hawaii was such a cool looking place in this movie, and somehow it seems like they captured a pretty unique culture in a great way. At least in the best way possible for an animated movie…


Overall, for an animated kids movie, I’d give this an 8/10

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