M-A-N-I-A-C-S | Gotham

The episode starts with people being thrown off the roof of the news building. The dead bodies in the street spelled “maniacs.” The villains are taking over.

Naturally, since this is such a high profile case the police commissioner makes Gordon the lead.

Meanwhile back at Bruce Manor, Alfred realizes how the information Bruce’s father left him is going to put Bruce in jeopardy. He destroys the computer and Bruce fires him.

The Maniacs are fighting over who will be there leader so they decide to solve the problem in the only logical manner available to them, a game of Russian roulette. Jerome in his crazy, terrifying manner wins and takes over as leader of the Maniacs.

The Maniacs in their new uniform (which looks very much like a straight jacket) douse a school bus filled with cheerleaders in gaseline. Jerome leads them in a cheer, proving yet again how good the Maniacs are at spelling. Don’t worry, Gordon of course arrives with just enough time to move the bus before it explodes.

Obviously, Bruce couldn’t live without Alfred so it was really no surprise that he showed up at the train station. Alfred is re-hired under one condition, he must help Bruce figure out what exactly it was that his father left him.

Oh and also train Bruce so he can defend himself. Basically we are getting Master Alfred and Padawan Bruce. Also, Lucius Fox was re-introduced in his new role to help Bruce and Alfred with the tech side of things.

While all this is going on, back at police headquarters Barbara distracts Gordon while the rest of the Maniacs attack the precinct. She rescues Gordon from almost guaranteed death but lets her “friend” give him a good beat down in the alley.

Gordon might have been saved, but the newly appointed police commissioner did not survive the attack. Her death however is what it takes to get Harvey Bullock to return to the police force.

Mr. Inigma wasn’t in this episode very much, but hopefully as the villains continue to rise up he will make more of an appearance. He might be crazy, but I do enjoy his riddles.

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