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Make Ant-Man a TV Show Please! - Cinema Shelf
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Make Ant-Man a TV Show Please!

Last week, I wrote an article about Wasp and where she will make her official costume appearance in the MCU. Seeing the quote from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige really got me thinking about how the best way to introduce her before Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. After much thought, I think it would be best if Marvel continued the storyline of Ant-Man as a tv show. Here’s why.

An Ant-Man movie may not happen in Phase III.

Right now, as far as we know there are no plans to release an Ant-Man sequel before the next Avengers comes out in 2018. Quite frankly, Marvel is fully booked up until then. Of course, anything is possible with Disney. I am doubtful though. On another note, Marvel may not want to make another Ant-Man movie because it wouldn’t make as much money as the other Marvel properties.

It may take up too much time to introduce Wasp in another film.

If you read the last article linked above, you’ll know that Kevin Feige said that he wants to wait to introduce Wasp when she can be seen in action with Ant-Man. Currently, that probably would not work with Captain America: Civil War because there are too many people in that movie as it is. Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians 2 will more than likely take place in space. It seems unlikely that they will put them in Sony’s first Spiderman film. That leaves Dr. Strange. It is somewhat possible with the introduction of the quantum realm that we could see Wasp and Ant-Man with Dr. Strange but I’m not sure if that is feasible as it may also take up too much time. Thus, TV seems to be the next best answer.

Ant-Man stars already have experience in TV.

Paul Rudd has been in Parks and Recreation, The Simpsons, and Reno 911. Evangeline Lilly starred in Lost and made appearances in Smallville. Michael Pena has also made appearances in a bunch of different TV shows as well. It would not be realistic to bring in Michael Douglas as he would probably cost too much.

Ant-Man could make a great sitcom.

The comedy from Ant-Man was amazing! I would love to see Paul Rudd and Michael Pena every week! This TV show would bring more depth to Marvel’s lineup of TV shows. I would love to see this show either on ABC or Netflix. It would be really cool to see crossovers with either Agents of Shield or any of Netflix’s series.

What do you think? Would this be a good next step for Marvel? Let us know at tkmoviereviews@gmail.com

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