Man Of Steel: The Best Superman Film Yet

Rating: 7/10

Man of Steel is the first film in the DC Extended Universe and the precursor to the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice coming this Friday March, 25th, 2016. The film tells the origin story of Superman AKA Clark Kent, who was sent by his parents to Earth as his home planet Krypton exploded. The film shows Clark Kent growing up in Kansas, hiding the truth about his powers to the world. Eventually, Clark is forced to reveal himself to the world when fellow Kryptonian General Zod, shows up threatening the planet if Superman doesn’t give himself up.

One unique aspect that really set this movie apart from other Superman films was the first twenty minutes of this film that show life on Krypton. We get to see Clark’s biological parents and even get to see what life on Krypton looked like. The movie shows the viewers some of the culture of Krypton, which were very imperialistic, always looking to colonize other planets. They even genetically created new Kryptonians for specific roles. General Zod was created to lead the Kryptonian military. Clark’s parents saw that this way of life wasn’t good and Clark was the first natural birth on Krypton in years. Clark’s parents saw the foresight to send Clark away before Krypton was destroyed, thus giving the world Superman.

While I found the first part of the movie very interesting and educational, I felt like the movie was a bit drawn out. While I enjoyed seeing Clark grow up and working different jobs, it seemed that some of what we saw could have been condensed a bit. I also didn’t particularly enjoy Amy Adams in this film. I thought the writing for her wasn’t done well and found her lines to be a bit corny. I honestly feel like this whole movie could have gone without her being in the film and she could have just been introduced at the end of the film when Clark starts working at the Daily Planet. I think that would have been a very cool reveal for fans.

I thought all the special effects were done fairly well and the action sequences were fun to watch. Although throughout the whole film, all I could think about were how many people died as each building fell or gas station blew u (I’m glad that DC is dealing with this much earlier than Marvel is). Overall, Man of Steel is a decent film and in my opinion the best Superman film to date.

Do you agree with me? Is Man of Steel the best Superman film? Let us know in the comments below!


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