Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Parting Shot” Review

Rating 7.4/10

SPOILER WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING REVIEW:This review will contain spoilers for the episode discussed, please make sure to watch the episode and then check out this recap, unless spoilers are your thing.

Parting Shot was an intense episode in many ways. It had a emotionally intense ending and goodbye for 2 agents that had really become engrained in our cast, it had a pretty intense storyline that added an ever growing international scope for the show, and it had an intensely all-over-the-place vibe to it that at times detracted from the episode, but I think it was the emotions that carried Parting Shot and really made it work overall.

This episode makes it’s focus Bobbi and Hunter as they infiltrate the Russian territory that Malick’s plane has landed. International tensions are rising as the Inhuman element in the world’s population is spreading like wildfire around the globe, and our agents know that Malick’s involvement assuredly means nothing good. The episode harkens back to earlier season one outings such as 0-8-4 and T.R.A.C.K.S. by utilizing the device of a time jump, back and forth to tell the story of how Bobbi and Hunter end up in custody and being interrogated by a French Interpol officer. Which obviously causes them to get hungry as Hunter’s described mushroom soup recipe and Bobbi’s imagined cheeseburger both equally sound delicious.

Malick’s attempt to set the stage for a sanctuary/reservation/internment camp for Inhumans is meeting a little bit of resistance from the Russian government and a coup is set to be put in place as Hunter is framed for the murder of the Russian Prime Minister’s attache. The real culprit is Russian General Androvich, an Inhuman with the ability to manifest and control a sentient shadow composed of darkforce. The special effects for the show keep getting better and better as the creepy fluid motion of the General’s shadow provided awesome fight scenes for our team of spies.

With the Prime Minister’s life in danger, Bobbi and Hunter take it upon themselves to make the tough call and do what needs to be done. As the shadow gets close to taking out the Prime Minister, and thus almost assuring an Inhuman reservation camp, Bobbi shoots the General, saving the day but also exposing Hunter and herself in the crosshairs of an International incident involving thought to be dismantled S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. With their options grim, their only choice isn’t a good one: declare themselves non-agents, leave the spy biz, and solemnly swear never to spy again. Sometimes making the right call is making the toughest one, and now Bobbi and Hunter in saving S.H.I.E.L.D. from even more exceedingly poor international exposure must say goodbye to the team and the show (and say hello to their own Marvel’s Most Wanted spin-off coming soon).

The execution of the story hit it’s bumps along the road, getting a bit jumbled as it jumped back and forth and explaining an intricate plot involving Russian dignitaries and how exactly Bobbi and Hunter are making their exit as a sacrifice for the greater good. It will interesting territory for the show to tread into if the world begins an International Inhuman arms race for powered individuals, assuredly something The Secret Warriors will need to keep in check. The ending with the spy’s goodbye tilted back and forth on that line of cheesiness and poignancy, but still delivered the sentiment home that these two will be sorely missed, and quite hammered if they do pound all those goodbye shots.

Our closer scene reveals that Mallick has a daughter (!!!!) and it looks like she is being poised to be quite the threat to S.H.I.E.L.D. (if her skeet shooting abilities are any indication). And I hope I’m not the only Avatar: Last Airbender fan that got an immediate Azula vibe off of her introduction, which if it bores any similarity to Avatar doesn’t bode well for anyone…

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