Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “The Team” Review

Rating: 9.5/10

SPOILER WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING REVIEW:This review will contain spoilers for the episode discussed, please make sure to watch the episode and then check out this recap, unless spoilers are your thing.

Treachery! So much treachery is afoot in the latest edition of S.H.I.E.L.D. with The Team. I loved this episode, but man what a tease! I was expecting that the Secret Warriors’ rescue of Daisy’s S.H.I.E.L.D. comrades would have taken at least a quarter, if not half of the episode, so I was a little disappointed the rescue scene wasn’t longer and didn’t do more to showcase the Inhuman’s abilities and working together, but I very much enjoyed what we got. The rest of the episode did a great job of setting up and building the required suspense and suspicion any good traitor among us tales should possess with a twist ending that had me.

As Zephyr One gets taken by Giyera and delivered to Hydra’s secret base, May’s final distress signal to Daisy has her and Lincoln desperate to reach the other members of the Secret Warriors. It was great to see Joey on a little date with a cute guy, and Elena practicing her English, both have been sorely missed since Bouncing Back it is great to get a little taste of their everyday lives before they get beckoned by their S.H.I.E.L.D. issued Apple watches. The team’s chemistry together is oozing in this scene as Daisy and Lincoln brief Elena and Joey on the parameters of their mission (they don’t know much) and I loved Daisy really shining as a leader as she tells her teammates that each one of them for one reason or another was given special abilities, let’s put them to good use, as she jumps out the plane.

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Coulson, May, Simmons, Mack, and Fitz are able to close themselves off before getting over taken by Hydra goons. Luckily, Daisy and her team aren’t far away, as they infiltrate the base and split off to rescue the day. Each Secret Warrior has their job and unfortunately they each become isolated at different points, and this makes them each targets for suspicion later on. Daisy locates the Zephyr, Lincoln acquires Malick, Elena rescues the other team, and gets to show off her English to Mack in the most adorable way possible, and Joey is…somewhere during all this. As they board the Zephyr, Lucio makes a surprise appearance and incapacitates Lincoln, forcing Joey to make the split second decision to melt a piece of pipe, make it all sharp, and fatally stab Lucio before he could come after Lincoln. This is a lot for an untrained agent to take in, taking another’s life, and Joey obviously suffers the ramifications later in the episode. But the mission was successful, as everyone boards the plane and is able to escape. Not everything is as peachy as it may seem though, as Giyera tells Hive that S.H.I.E.L.D. got away, with Malick. Hive tells Giyera not to worry, they have someone on the inside now.

Everyone is all high fives back at the base, riding the high that comes with a mission well accomplished. Lincoln thanks Joey for having his back when Lucio popped up, and Daisy is excited to report that if Malick, currently in interrogation, gives them anything they may soon be on another mission. Joey doesn’t look as thrilled at this news as Daisy is. As May recuperates from her excessive injuries during Giyera’s takeover of the plane, Simmons and Fitz examine Lucio’s dead, warm body. Lucio has passed, but his body has maintained a very normal 98.7 degrees, which freaks our top S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists out a bit, and they move to place Lucio’s corpse in quarantine. May observes all this with more than appropriate suspicion as she refuses pain medications from Dr. Lincoln. I loved the interrogation room scenes between Coulson and Malick, both are seasoned actors and it is more than on display here as Malick’s voice cracks as he tells Coulson his daughter is dead, and Coulson with amazingly reserved anger, tells Malick he hasn’t decided yet what to do about Malick’s order to kill Rosalind Price. Malick, the untouchable head of Hydra, has now been reaping what he has sowed in his worship of Hive. He tells Coulson he thought he was returning a god, and instead unleashed the devil. As Coulson tells him Hive is no god (remember Coulson has seen Thor and Loki up close and personal, so he knows what he is talking about), Malick insists that oh yes, Hive is indeed a god, he’s just not ours. Malick has seen first had Hive’s power of control, as Giyera, his head of security, slowly but surely loosened his loyalties to Malick and began to only serve Hive. How many of Coulson’s team who are Inhuman does he think Hive turned Malick asks Coulson as the seriousness of the situation sets in.

Daisy finds Lincoln in the assets room, observing the Kree orb that they got from James. Daisy tells Lincoln that it was not cool not filling her in on the stolen teragin crystal Lincoln got to persuade James with. Lincoln tries to defend his actions by telling Daisy the less she knew the less she’d be held accountable but Daisy isn’t buying it. She tells him he needs to be more honest with her and stop playing the boyfriend card to get out of trouble. Mack shows Elena around the base, and as a new S.H.E.I.L.D. requirement, or so he says, he gets to show off more Spanish than just pascado. I love scenes between these two characters, the chemistry is charming and they seem to play so well off each other. Mack tells her how S.H.I.E.L.D. is here to protect people, and does their best not to kill. He shows her the array of non-lethal weapons S.H.E.I.L.D. utilizes and the lethal ones, pointing out a small disk that is a very lethal bomb. Coulson interrupts the flirting as he approaches Mack and in his best subtle way possible, tells Mack to quietly lock down the base.

The situation becomes very delicate from here on out. Fitz and Simmons set out to perform an autopsy on Lucio’s body to determine if there is any visible sign of Hive’s control on the Inhumans, and Coulson tries to get the team prepared without altering Joey, Elena, Lincoln, or Daisy that any one of them could be infected with Hive. The whole episode is filled with red herrings, as Mack watches Elena, who is not happy to be on lockdown, yo-yoing all over the place looking for a way to escape; Joey has been missing quite some time on the base, and Lincoln was awfully persistent in wanting to give May pain meds that would knock her out. The only person who doesn’t appear suspicious at all is Daisy, who isn’t going to be fooled that something isn’t up. Actually, none of the Secret Warriors are being fooled, as each can sense the growing hostility and side eyes. That is when things go from bad to worse on the S.H.I.E.L.D. base as the power goes down and Fitz and Simmons discover Malick’s dead body, right before a bomb (the lethal kind that Mack was showing Elena earlier…) goes off, adequately destroying any evidence of what occurred in Malick’s holding cell. Coulson needs to find and isolate each Inhuman before things escalate any further. They locate Elena, Lincoln and Daisy but there is no easy way tell them each may be infected and they need to get each one in quarantine. Before icers start shooting, the Inhumans duck into the common room, where they find Joey, and the four of them together have to come up with a plan. But when they need to work together the most, the team becomes fractured by the accusations of who could be hive-minded. Elena has mysterious wounds on her she can’t explain, Joey has been absent all day following their return from the Hydra base, Lincoln just has traitor written all over his face, and Daisy is the only one out of all of them to have the motive to want Malick dead in the first place. As the fighting becomes more and more heated inside the common room, Fitz, Simmons, and Mack search the locker rooms for any clues as to who the traitoring traitor is, and the answer is right in front of them, or more accurately, right inside someone’s bag.

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Daisy tells her team to cool it, they aren’t getting anywhere currently as they are. They need to escape and find somewhere safe where they can work this out together. Daisy leads them to Coulson’s secret elevator escape route and as they are almost there they are lead in the containment room, where Coulson locks them all in together. Daisy is sorry for what appears to be a dick move delivering them to Coulson, but he now knows who the traitor among them is. The Kree orb was found inside Lincoln’s bag, which they were able to obtain from information Lincoln had. The revelation sets in that Lincoln wasn’t turned last night, he was turned days earlier when S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrated the Transia Corp building in the episode Spacetime. In Daisy’s vision she saw Lincoln with a bloody face, this occurred after Giyera nailed him with a fire hydrant. After this happened Lincoln said he had eyes on Hive, and then appeared to pass out. Is it possible this is the moment Hive infected him and had Lincoln under his control since? Lincoln’s rage comes boiling over and Daisy has to take him out with a shot of her vibration powers.

In a somber conclusion we see a very let down Daisy being told by Coulson that her team can’t come up against Hive, and is from this point forward disbanded. She tells him we’ll be better, next time. Elena is escorted out as she gives Mack a very cold goodbye telling him her name is Elena, not Yoyo. Joey is getting blood drawn from Simmons as he asks when the results from testing if Hive has sway over him will be in, because he doesn’t think he wants to be here anymore. And poor Lincoln is left alone in his room, still reeling from the situation as Daisy comes to visit him. She tells him they can’t stay here, and tries to persuade him to leave with her. But Lincoln’s confusion slowly evaporates away to reveal a troubling realization: Daisy is the one who turned. Daisy was surprised attacked by Hive back at the Hydra base in the control room, Daisy is the one who killed Malick and tried to cover the evidence (and I loved how they showed in a flashback scene Malick’s death did indeed happen the same way homeless Charles’ vision depicted), and how she is the one who planted the Kree orb inside Lincoln’s bag to frame him. This whole closing scene is beautifully shot as the crazy comes out in Daisy’s eyes as she tries to convince Lincoln to see the way of Hive. All those years of loneliness and feeling empty can finally stop, she has the answer and the answer is beautiful. I could feel my skin crawl as Daisy tells Lincoln we care about you. I have to applaud the writers for this turn of events; it would have been so easy to make Joey or Elena, two characters we barely really know but like immensely, be the one to be hived. And Lincoln was set up all to cleanly to be the traitor. Making Daisy be the one in Hive’s control makes the gravity of the situation all the more pressing, as not only is she vital to our team, her powers are immensely strong and under the wrong influence could be catastrophic. Daisy makes off with the Kree orb and as many teragin crystals she can grab in tow and as we saw in maybe one of my now favorite sequences of the show, Daisy truly lets her powers loose and for probably the first time, pushed her vibrations to the limit to take down the S.H.I.E.L.D. hangar. And the smile on her face as the ceiling collapses behind her was beautifully chilling.

Oh yeah, Fitz and Simmons get a romantic kiss that isn’t aggressive and pent up over years and years! This time it was sweet and tender as Fitz, ever the smooth talker, tells Simmons he doesn’t need to look into the depths of space to find something magnificent, he has that right in front of him. Again I enjoy their slow coming together this time, but seeing their kiss and their happiness makes me nervous that something dreadful will happen to one of them soon, but how can you already top Fitz getting brain damage and Simmons being swallowed up and spit out on a deserted planet by a space rock? In our closing scene we have Giyera telling Hive that now that Malick is dead, what are they going to do with Malick’s 960-million-dollar legacy? Well Giyera, they are going to spend it off course. I really hope the beginning scene of the next episode will be Giyera and Hive at the mall, Giyera trying to eat his Wetzel’s pretzel as he manages to hold all of the numerous shopping bags Hive has as Hive checks out how a sun hat would match his Matrix coat.

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