Master Quast Ep. 41: End of 2016 Awards!

It’s our last episode of 2016! With this week’s podcast, Kameona, Chad, & Ricky go over all their favorite games of the year and give their picks for each of the 12 categories below! Let us know your picks for any of these in the comments! Thanks so much for listening to our show, we will see you next year!


  • Best RPG of the year
  • Best Open World Game
  • Best FFXV Companion
  • Best First Person Shooter
  • Best iOS/Android Game
  • Best Handheld (3ds/Vita) Game
  • Favorite¬†Xbox Game
  • Favorite¬†PlayStation Game
  • Best Nintendo Game
  • Best Console Company
  • Best Developer
  • Most Hype Game Announcement
  • Worst Game/Biggest Disappointment of the Year
  • Favorite Game of the Year

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