Master Quast Ep. 5: Battle Mode 1

Episode 5 of the Master Quast Podcast brings us to our first full ‘Battle Mode’ episode. Bubba moderates a debate panel featuring Ricky, Chad, and Sam! You don’t want to miss this fun debate about some of your favorite video games and video game characters!

Debate Topics – With Time Stamps

4:26 – Best Game of 2016?

14:19 – What NES or SNES Classic Nintendo game should get an HD remake?

22:49 –¬†Which Wii U game between these 3 upcoming titles will be the best? Zelda Wii U, Star Fox Zero, Mario and Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games

32:11 – Best video game villain?

39:06 – What Disney owned world should be added to Kingdom Hearts 3 that hasn’t already been in a Kingdom Hearts game?

46:58 – Ultimate tag-team of video game characters to be in an all out fight?

56:49 – Best game in the Zelda series?



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