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M:i-2 Mission Impossible 2 (the squeakquel) - Cinema Shelf
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M:i-2 Mission Impossible 2 (the squeakquel)

Okay fine, it’s not called the Squeakquel, but it isn’t much compared to the first one!

Tom Cruise, Kung Fu, Motorcycles…Motorcycle Kung Fu, explosions, panning cameras, zooming cameras, wire stunts, and rock climbing. That pretty much sums up Mission: Impossible 2 by John Woo.

Compared to the first Mission: Impossible this movie does not hold up very well. On its own, it doesn’t really hold up very well. When I was a kid this was one of the first DVDs that really belonged to me, and it was awesome. As an adult this movie is not awesome.

This feels very much like Michael Bay got drunk and decided to make a movie really quick with cool actors and actresses. The camera angles and panning shots as well as the zoom quick shots seemed to be very Michael Bay-ish. I just recently watched Armageddon by Michael Bay so I could REALLY see some similarities with how it was filmed.

This movie is a disappointing follow up to a great first showing from the Mission: Impossible team. It felt like they were trying to go in a different direction, but ended up feeling a lot like the Pierce Brosnan era of James Bond movies. John Woo is very talented and can make movies in a very high quality fashion, I do not want to take anything away from anyone in this film. I just feel as if this movie was not very unique, and the writers/producers/directors could have made something a little more original. This movie really felt like a stereotypical 90s movie, even though it came out in 2000.

The overall plot is weak and overplayed. A virus that was created to do good will be used to do bad, thus a super-spy guy must stop it all.




There’s really only 1 way this plot could go after that, the spy’s love interest in the movie must inject herself with the virus that will kill her within a certain time frame unless he can get her the anti-virus.

There really isn’t very much character development between the main characters. I end up caring much more for the antagonist’s henchmen when he tries to cut their fingers off with a cigar cutter! This movie is not very good, you don’t have to see it to understand M:I3, so maybe just skip it?



Travis: 4.5/10

Kameona: 6/10

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