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“Minions” Would Bomb Without Minions - Cinema Shelf
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“Minions” Would Bomb Without Minions


Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting one of America’s few drive-in theaters to watch Illumination Entertainment latest installment in the Despicable Me franchise, Minions. I really enjoyed myself at the movie. There’s just something about sitting under the stars in the back of a truck that makes watching a movie so much fun. While I had fun watching this movie, I didn’t think it was good. The movie tells the story of the minions before they meet Gru. Specifically, the movie is centered on three minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stewart.

Kevin, Bob, and Stuart are awesome characters, they are funny, witty, and their child-like innocence really makes people love them so much. Throughout the movie, these three guys find ways to accidentally make situations turn as bad as possible and a second later another random event happens that turns things in their favor. In this film, the minions also speak much more than I can recall from the other two Despicable Me films. Perhaps this is because the movie was completely centered on them. Interesting enough, I noticed that their language consisted of Spanish, Japanese, French, English, and their usual Jibberish.

The reason I say that this movie would bomb without the minions is because the story lacked. Sandra Bullock played the antagonist “Scarlett Overkill.” I thought it was funny how she was introduced at “Hall H” at the huge villain convention (Hall H is also where many movies are revealed at San Diego Comic Con). The three minions later become her henchmen and are ordered to steal the Queen of England’s crown. The rest of the movie consists of Bob becoming King, then Scarlett almost becoming Queen, Scarlett trying to kill the minions, and Kevin turning giant and saving the day. All these events randomly happened which made for a chaotic story. The one thing I did appreciate (and somewhat expect) was when young Gru showed up and saved the day at the end of the movie. I was hoping that Minions would show how Gru met the minions.

Illumination Entertainment is following DreamWorks Animation’s usual pattern of killing their amazing franchises by making sub-par sequels. This happened with Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, and we will see what happens with Kung Fu Panda. The reason why they do this is to simply bring in money. Minions has brought in over $650 million worldwide! I understand that at the end of the day, money pays for all the bills but I wish they would put more effort into their sequels like Pixar does (maybe not Cars 2).

The bottom line: 6/10. Although the story wasn’t great, I wasn’t expecting any spectacular. I expected this movie to just be all minions and the craziness that comes with them. If the minions were not in orksthis movie, it would get a 2/10.

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