Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Ghost Protocol is great. It brings back the fun that the 2nd Mission: Impossible ruined, and that the 3rd movie tried to restore. The 3rd movie did a great job of brining back the fun of the first movie, but with a more modern (not 90s) spin on it. Plus we get a Tom Cruise that doesn’t still look like he should playing Maverick (jacked as he may be).

I feel like this movie is pretty much easily enjoyed by anyone who loves to have fun in a crowded movie theatre. There’s something great about being in a packed theatre with people who are interested in the movie as much as the next person. I suppose this is most dependent on how well the movie keeps the attention of the audience though. The 2nd Mission: Impossible was easy to get distracted in, but the 3rd kept us interested and this one blew us away.

I really did not expect this movie to be good when it was coming out in 2011, but it truly did shock me. This movie provides all of the fun of an action/adventure, but with the cleverness touch of a good writer and director. Say what you want about the development of the characters, or the build up of the story, this movie delivers!

This is my favorite of the series thus far. Hopefully Rogue Nation can top this one, but we will see!

Overall, I’d give this movie a 7.5/10

Kameona 8/10

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