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Mission Impossible I Review - Cinema Shelf
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Mission Impossible I Review

What an awesome movie. I could end the review here and have done this movie justice. Before today, I had never seen any of the movies in the Mission Impossible series but I finally understand why everyone loves these movies so much. Of course, the movie (and all the others in the series) stars Tom Cruise but also has a respectable group of supporting cast members such as Jon Voight, Ving Rhames (fun fact: Rhames plays the voice of Cobra Bubbles in Lilo & Stitch), Jean Reno, and even Emilio Estevez (he’s only in the first 10 minutes of this movie but I just had to mention his name). One of the things that I appreciated about this movie was the classic spy movie feel that it brings with it. Seeing different gadgets such as exploding chewing gum and eyeglasses with a camera in them was really cool. Also seeing the scene where Tom Cruise repels into a vault to steal information was fun to watch. I really enjoy when movies take the time to show how our characters live. In this movie, we really get to see how a spy with no allies has to survive.

*Spoilers Below – Skip to last paragraph to see our ratings

In addition to the action scenes and various stunts done, this movie had an excellent story. I really liked how it was literally everyone in the movie except Cobra Bubbles against Ethan Hunt. Even Jon Voight’s character, Jim, who we thought was trustworthy, turned out to be bad. I suppose that is why the movie is called Mission Impossible.

The climax of this movie took place on a train and had both Tom Cruise and Jon Voight attempting to stay on this train while moving at a high speed. It is clearly unrealistic to see Jon Voight do that stunt on his own, but nevertheless, it is still an awesome scene. At one point while on top of the train, Tom Cruise latches the helicopter attacking him to the train, forcing the helicopter to keep pace with the train. Eventually, a tunnel appears and forces Krieger, the helicopter pilot and former team member of Ethan’s, to fly the helicopter in the tunnel! There are not many movies scenes that are as ridiculous as this one was! The movie brilliantly ends with Ethan on a plane when the flight attendant asks if he would like to watch a movie. Cue the theme music and Ethan has his next mission! Such a perfect way to end a great movie.


Kameona: 8/10

Travis: 8/10

We both felt this movie was so iconic and fun to watch. Great action, acting, story, and overall just a well-made movie. Can’t wait to watch Mission Impossible 2.

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