Rating: 7/10

In the highly saturated (but very well done so far) industry of Sherlock Holmes media, Ian McKellan brings a new and refreshing take on the character unlike how both Robert Downer Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch do. McKellan plays old Sherlock, with his mystery solving days behind him, living in a house in the country where he has a small bee farm. The film shows Holmes solving his last mystery in this slow but entertaining story.

I’ll admit, the film is a bit slow, but I say that because I know many people in America are used to the fast-paced and drama filled Sherlock Holmes stories we’ve seen. However, while being slow, the film had a very high production quality and a very good story. Ian McKellan did a great job portraying Mr. Holmes. He had much of that witty banter that we’ve seen from the other Sherlock Holmes portrayals but also showed what we would expect from a very old Holmes. The cinematography in this film is amazing as well. I love the way the shots are laid out, especially the scenes in the movie theater.

The story is probably the best part of this movie. I usually don’t like flashbacks but found that Mr. Holmes used them in an effective way. Part of the reason why I feel the flashbacks worked in this film was because they came in little spurts, as Holmes got his memory back. So they were very applicable and the way they were executed out was very appropriate. The dialogue in the film was very well done. For being a young actor, Milo Parker played his role very well and so did Lara Linney.

Overall, the film is great. If you’re looking for a different interpretation on Sherlock Holmes from what we have been seeing, definitely give Mr. Holmes a watch.

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