Mr. Robot Season 1 Review – No Spoilers

Rating: 9/10

No, Mr. Robot is not a show about androids or robots. On the contrary it is a show like I have never seen before. The show is new and refreshing. The USA Network show tells the story of Elliot Alderson, a cyber security worker who hacks for personal gain. Much like Jessica Jones, this show is very much so character driven, which I thought worked extremely well. We see all the events of the show through our own perspective. What I mean to say is that the viewer is actually seen as a character in this show with Elliot breaking the fourth wall many times.

Mr. Robot‘s main strength is the story. The story is very relevant to the world today and while being a hacker or a cyber security genius is not something many people relate to, the show still remains to relate to any average person. The show goes deep into the mind of Elliot, giving us subtle hints as to what is going on, but keeping those hints so subtle that you really don’t know what’s going on till the very end of the season. I found myself constantly questioning what was really going on. It isn’t quite often that writing this good comes around, this show really is on a whole other level in terms of writing.

Rami Malek does an outstanding job playing Elliot in this show. His facial expressions and narration of the show really make this show for me. I equate Elliots performance with his narration to be very similar to Frank Underwood in House of Cards, only in a much different tone. As I mentioned, this is very much so a character driven show, and it would have not worked if not for the impressive performance of Malek. This is surprising, seeing as the only thing I’d ever seen him in before was in the Night at the Museum films. The supporting cast also did a great job as well. Some notable standouts that come to mind are Christian Slater, Carly Chaklin, Portia Doubleday, and Martin Wallstrom.

Really, the only negative I have about this show is the pacing. I almost fell out of watching this show because for a few episodes, I felt the show wasn’t progressing the story. I 100% feel that my patience was rewarded with some of the things that happened towards the end of the season. I did think the ending was a little underwhelming as well, but it did answer a good amount of questions. I was satisfied to say the least, but that was probably because I knew that some of season two was already available to watch.

I would definitely recommend giving this show a try. I was immediately hooked from the first ten minutes of the show. The first season in full is available to stream for Amazon Prime customers and season two is available on USA Network’s website, with a cable login.

If you’ve seen this show, let us know what you thought of season 1 in the comments below! No spoilers though!

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