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Mulan 2 a "Dishonor" to its Original - Cinema Shelf
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Mulan 2 a “Dishonor” to its Original

Mulan 2, you bring DISHONOR to your family!

Mulan 2 is a direct to video sequel to the amazing 1998 movie that all Disney fans know and love. That being said, this movie does not compare to the original AT ALL. Mulan 2 does not even belong in the same sentence as the first Mulan (how ironic that I put them in the same sentence). I feel like this movie was solely made so that Disney could get a few extra million dollars from the beloved Mulan characters and story. I will be going into spoilers for the rest of this post and to be honest, keep reading so you can save yourself the hour and a half that I wasted.

The story picks up just about a month after the events of Mulan. I thought this was weird because it seems like forever since I’ve first seen Mulan. But I was able to get past that. The first thing we see in this movie is Mushu, and I IMMEDIATELY noticed that Eddie Murphy is not playing Mushu. Disney did try really hard and did a decent job of finding someone who sounds like Eddie Murphy but it just isn’t the same without him. We then see Mulan and Li Shang get engaged and are given a mission by the Emperor to take his three daughters to get married to princes from another kingdom in order to bring about peace to China. Overall, the story was more about love between Mulan and Li Shang and the Emperor’s daughters and the three soldiers from the original Mulan. I will say that I did enjoy seeing the three soldiers, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po, and all the wackiness that comes with them.

The writing for this movie was very corny and predictable. I did chuckle a couple times, but I think I laughed more because how bad the jokes were rather than how funny the movie was. This is a polar opposite to the original Mulan that is incredibly quotable. There were a few songs in the movie with the best song being a rip-off of one of the songs (“A Girl Worth Fighting For”) from the original movie. There’s some action in this movie but not nearly as much as the original. Just like the story, the ending was predictable. The only thing I didn’t predict was Li Shang finding out and talking to Mushu.

Rating: 2/10. I was so bored at this movie. You can really tell that Disney didn’t put a ton of effort into this movie. And what can you really expect from a straight to video film? Another example of a straight to video film is Planes, the movie that was supposed to have existed in the same world as Pixar’s cars. Planes got a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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