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My E3 Favourites - Cinema Shelf
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The E3 fallout has now dispersed itself nicely throughout the gaming community and has left gamers everywhere discussing in frantic glee their favourite reveals and debating who came away with the strongest showing. (It was Sony by the way.) Anyway… now that things have settled and I’ve finally gotten some time, I’m going to document my favourite reveals from the event. Now all things considered, I do not own an Xbox and so I’m slightly more limited and will unfortunately have to leave Dead Rising 4 off of this one. I’ll condense it into a top five, because I’ve been able to narrow it down and I’m pretty content with the list that lay in front of me. Now, before I begin, there is one game I’d like to mention, and I’ll consider it an honourable mention, here’s why;

Death Stranding (Kojima Productions, TBA)

When Hideo Kojima took to the stage in typical charismatic fashion, nobody quite knew what to expect, and it’s even more likely that nobody would have been able to predict what followed either. Death Stranding is Kojima’s first effort since forming Kojima Productions in response to the Konami incident and is set to feature Norman Reedus in the lead role. There’s very little known about the premise or the influence behind the game, only that the trailer was a beautifully crafted and mysterious tease of things to come. It’s so bizarre that it’s exciting though, from the countless washed up sea creatures, to the creepy baby, the emphasis on hand prints and the rough scar on Norman’s torso, and of course the objects across the sky… so many questions with so many tantalising answers I’m sure. Kojima has already confirmed that this trailer is a sign of what will be in the game, but offered little else information wise.

Two reason this falls as an honourable mention, firstly, there is no clear release date in sight and with Kojima Productions currently only boasting around 20 members of staff, it could be a long time before we see this come around, secondly, there was no gameplay or even hints at gameplay mechanics, this was supposed to be just a heads up of Kojima’s plan, and what we can expect in the future, so while it is a game that I’m very excited for, it’s likely a long road ahead.

#5. FIFA 17 (EA Sports, 28th September 2016)

I know what you’re thinking. Out of all the reveals at E3, a game that gets released every year with minor changes makes your top 5?! Well yes, and believe me, as big a fan of the FIFA series as I am, this wouldn’t usually make it into a list like this, but this year, EA have seriously just upped their game, with the addition of a fully fledged story mode with altering paths dependent on a number of factors, such as player performance, decision making, and a unique personality system changing the dynamic of player relationships and public opinion, this has got to he one of the most overdue and promising features to ever grace a FIFA title. The Frostbite Engine has allowed EA to expand their efforts and the trailer was made up entirely of in game content, it looks beautiful and is surely going to not only open FIFA to a broader audience, but also solidify FIFA as the premium sports title.

This is without going into the yearly updates and overhaul of certain systems, and with the Frostbite Engine, this year may be the first in a long time that it genuinely feels like a new FIFA game. We’ve already been promised an advanced player intelligence, more realistic and efficient player movement and a reworking of the set piece system, as well more player faces than ever, with players, stadiums and kits looking their best yet. With Premier League managers also being introduced for the first time, this will be the most authentic FIFA experience ever.


#4. Days Gone (Bend Studio, TBA)

Days Gone is Bend Studio’s first IP since 1999, when they made Syphon Filter and their first release since 2010’s Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. It’s going to be an open world, action adventure game that focuses on a post apocalyptic world, and seems to center on the remaining members of a biker gang and their story of survival in a world plagued by zombies and the resulting negative influence besieged upon the world from the catastrophic fallout. Early gameplay suggests that the game will take influence from The Last of Us, and an exciting feature is the amount of zombies that are set to appear on screen at once, making for a frantic and nerve racking experience.

In a market that is admittedly over saturated at the moment with zombie games popping up absolutely everywhere, here is one that seems to give the player freedom to explore and craft their own story, it’s not yet known just how much this one will be able to offer, but the coming months should provide us with some really telling videos and information about what makes Days Gone really stand out from the rest.

#3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Ubisoft, 6th December 2016)

Matt Stone and Trey Parker were welcomed with overwhelming delight after a wonderfully over the top introduction video that perhaps took everybody by surprise with the eventual reveal of Cartman’s super hero alter ego “The Coon”. What followed was a great sequence of informative and funny interviewing, and short videos, that showed us that South Park is as brilliant and controversial as ever. We were treated to the players origin story, and a quick look at the new combat options, named Space and Time, which now allow the player to move freely from tile to tile during combat, and also implement their special talent to alter time itself and reverse the turn order. These are just a few things to look forward to, and it was finished off with an hilarious dig at the structure of the Marvel and DC Universe movie lay out. With each character appearing in other heroes movies and Kenny, much to his dismay getting the Netflix series.

As an added bonus incentive, each game will come with The Stick of Truth, the entire game playable on the PS4, and a great idea to perhaps sway those on the fence, who now have the option to play he original game in a more convenient way. Also something to get excited about is the games release date which is closer than most may have expected to see.

#2. Detroit: Become Human (Quantic Dream, TBA)

I love games that are built like this one. Games like Heavy Rain, and Until Dawn that can have dramatic ramifications depending on your choices throughout the game, now here comes Detroit: Become Human. Funnily enough by the same team behind the aforementioned Heavy Rain. This game follows the story of several androids who are brought into the world to coexist with and serve humans. None of them are safe and their survival relies entirely on the decisions you make and way you play the game, as evidenced by the trailer showing off a number of outcomes to a rooftop negotiation scene. Every single choice carries weight and will play a part.

This is a title that is sure to have a lot of replay value and at a time where most games are hidden behind a paywall, hopefully Detroit: Become Human will provide us with the hours of content that is much needed in games now. Graphically it looks phenomenal, and carries on the impressive style that Quantic Dream brings in its movie style game play.

#1. Resident Evil 7 (Capcom, 24th January)

This is what it’s all about. Apparently completely reinventing the franchise, Resident Evil 7 looks set to go back to its survival horror, fear centric roots, but this time they’re going first person and turning the fear up to 11. The announcement trailer was unique in that nobody knew nor expected this to end up being Resident Evil. From the moment it began, it looked to be an incredible take on the lost footage cliche, and so terror inducing, the final moments with the music coming in and all of the footage, and distorted imagery, it took me by surprise when it was eventually revealed. After the disappointment of the previous couple of games, it’s good to see Capcom are possibly reinventing the franchise with this effort and  it’s another game that is relatively close to its release date with only 7 months to go.

The real kicker though was the follow up reveal that the demo was now available, and so naturally I played that and needless to say, it sent my hype through the roof. So now I genuinely cannot wait to get the full game, because not only is it a refreshing take on the Resident Evil series, but it’s also a fully fledged horror game, and I love horror games, so this takes my vote as my most anticipated title from E3.

Bonus – Crash Bandicoot Remastered (Activision, TBA)

There was no way I could end this article without talking about Crash Bandicoot and the wonderful news that he is truly back. Tease after tease would suggest it but never did anything .come from it. E3 changed all of that though, and it was announced that Crash Bandicoot was returning in a huge way. Activision are Re-mastering the original three games from ground up for the Playstation 4 and Crash will also make his return first in the new Skylanders title. Big big news for Crash fans like myself.

That will wrap up my thoughts regarding my favourite E3 announcements, now yes it is Sony and Horror heavy but I’ll further go into detail on games when they come out, for now, this has been a fun little reminder of what’s on the way and I am in full hype mode now.

Image – E3

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