New Justice League Cast Image Released

Not since the surprise reveal trailer have we seen anything significant in regards to developments with the upcoming Justice League movie, but for fans clamouring for that fresh piece of news or  any sort of update, will be thrilled today by the newest material released by Warner Bros.  A new set photo has been released today revealing the Justice League members a little more up close and personal.

From left to right: Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman


The most notable thing to take away from this is the continued exclusion of Superman from any promotional material. The ongoing debates are exactly what the movie needs to maintain hype and the mystery of whether or not the Man of Steel will indeed return or remain dead for the time being.

The image itself is an imposing but exciting one, with each member looking perfectly brooding, but maintaining a cool aura. There will be serious intrigue from this point on as to who will play which role within the team and who else will be set to make an appearance, based on this photo, the Justice League is not going to be playing around.


More news will follow as it becomes available, are you looking forward to the Justice League movie? Let us know below.


Image Credit: WB


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