Han Solo Spin-Off Announcement Coming At Celebration 2017?

Han Solo Spin-Off Title Announcement?

Star Wars Celebration usually gives us some of the biggest Star Wars-related announcements of the year. This year looks to be no different with expected announcements/releases of Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s first trailer/teaser, Star Wars Rebels Season 4 announcement/footage, and (fingers-crossed) an announcement that we’ll be getting a re-release of the original trilogy in their original theatrical style. 

BUT what about any surprise announcements?

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One of the major things that could be coming at Celebration 2017 COULD, emphasis on could, be the announcement of the Han Solo spin-off movie’s real title, which is being directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord. 

The yet-to-be-titled spin-off movie is coming out May 25, 2018. While the directing duo is currently in production on the film, we still haven’t seen or heard very much. Of course, we know that Han is being played by Alden Ehrenreich, and that a young Lando is being played by Donald Glover. There has been no official word on any of them, cast or crew, being scheduled to appear on stage at Celebration. But what may happen is that we get the title to this spin-off movie. Right now it is simply just the Han Solo Spin-Off Movie

Lucasfilm seems to enjoy surprising fans at these events. Although, I think that this won’t happen because Lucasfilm is going to be focused on marketing current projects like The Last Jedi, I do not deny that Lucasfilm can be a wild card and show up with something that blows fans away. I think the only thing that we will get from the Han Solo movie is Chris Miller and Phil Lord showing up and dropping the name of the movie. Maybe, MAYBE, they’ll bring a photo or short few second clip for the fans. I don’t believe we’re getting a surprise full panel for this just yet. 

We’re not really expecting this, which is why it didn’t make our list of things we’re expecting. Although, we’re not denying that the possibility remains that this could happen. We hope it does, but we actually hope a few other things happen more than we hope this does.

Tomorrow we’ll be posting another “wish-list” item that we’d like to see at Celebration 2017. Follow along with us while we’re down at Celebration on Twitter/Instagram @cinemashelf. 

Check back tomorrow for our next Celebration 2017 “wish-list” announcement.


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