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New Suicide Squad Promotional Material Drops - Cinema Shelf
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New Suicide Squad Promotional Material Drops

Suicide Squad is getting closer and closer to it’s release date and the excitement continues to build, thanks in part to the newest posters and magazine covers that have been released.

The Squad are front center with the tag line, “In Squad We Trust”.
The Joker is surrounded by Squad Members as he appears set to shatter their world.

Here are two posters (the third as our as featured image) showing of the cast in some visually fantastic efforts. The great thing is that, even though we know who the main characters are supposed to be, nobody feels out of place, nobody is being overshadowed, the Squad are getting their due respect. These aren’t the only posters though, as now we can take a look at a few individual shots.

Harley Quinn is ready to create some mayhem with her personalised baseball bat.
Deadshot stares menacingly, and shows of some quotes on his gear.
The Joker looks truly sinister, tattoos and all.

This is where we start to see who the big players are, with three characters getting the spotlight, and each sprinkled with detail and mystique. Harley’s unnerving smile and readiness to utilise her baseball bat certainly carries much curiousity and Deadshot’s full gear is very intimidating, with some particularly interesting quotes on his arm weapon and neck. We still don’t know much about Joker’s role but here he looks like a man on a mission, and the potential in his character is something that excites me.

Now we move on to two magazine covers, both for the magazine “Teaser” and featuring some possible signal of intent.

Amanda Waller joins the Squad for this shot, Harley and Deadshot occupying either side.
Joker stares with a fear inducing glare, and looking like he has formulated a plan.

We have the two covers here, one with the Squad set for action outside of Belle Reve prison, and with Amanda Waller in the mix, the instigator and catalyst for the creation of the Suicide Squad. The second image seems to be telling a story of its own. It’s no coincidence that Joker has Harley’s ball ready to clash into the others and set of a chain. This might show us that Joker is much more foe than friend.

Some excellent images here and beautiful visuals, it sets us up nicely for a movie that has seen plenty of promotional material and an ever increasing buzz, I for one am very excited.


Let me know which image is your favourite in the comments. All image credit goes to Warner Bros and DC.

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