No More ShAmy | The Big Bang Theory

This week I watched Gotham live and saved The Big Bang Theory for the next day (had to give myself something to look forward to after work).

It seems like all the couples on the show are fighting. The newlyweds are fighting over a kiss from two years ago, Bernadette is annoyed with Howard for making her keep the secret, and Sheldon and Amy have broken up.

The episode starts with Penny and Sheldon kissing as a way to even the playing field between Penny and Leonard. It turns out that this was just a dream, but it would have been hilarious if Sheldon and Penny had kissed IRL.

Poor Amy, she just wants her space, but Sheldon just won’t leave her alone. I think Amy was right when she said that the two of them have talked more in the 2 days since they broke up than in their entire relationship.

Also, I loved that Sheldon didn’t forgo his infamous knock so that Amy would open the door, but because she doesn’t get to enjoy his intricacies because they aren’t friends with benefits. Oh Sheldon and his misunderstanding of common terms.

It broke my heart that Sheldon had to film Fun with Flags without Amy. However, my heart was warmed when Leonard got down on knee and asked, “Penny Hofsteader, will you stay married to me?”

Sheldon got them a wedding gift, however I don’t think he truly understands the idea behind a wedding gift. I mean a trip for 3 to San Francisco? That doesn’t really say happy wedding! It says I want to go to San Francisco, but I need someone to drive me while I’m there.

I still have high hopes that Sheldon and Amy will reconcile. I guess I will have to keep watching to find out if this happens or not.

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