Patient X – Beauty and the Beast Recap

In this week’s episode, Cat is back in the hunt for Liam with Vincent and the rest of the gang. If you don’t know who Liam is check out my review of last week’s episode to catch up.

Liam is now going after everyone who has had the serum in their blood. Even if it’s not in their blood anymore. Which means JT is one of his targets and Liam has also added bombing to his repertoire.

Cat found that there is a no-name Patient X who was probably the first person Juliana experimented on. The new goal is to find this patient so they can find out Liam’s plan. It turns out that Patient X is Russell, Juliana’s brother and Liam tricked Juliana into helping him.

Russell’s big plan was to have them track him so they could find Liam. However, the way he did it was stupid. If he truly wanted to save the others why did he go to a location where he’s putting the lives of others at risk? He should have worked with Cat and Vincent to choose a mutual location because now JT and Tess are more at risk than before.

The girls put two full clips in him and Liam gets up like there is nothing wrong? What is he? He’s not the same type of beast as Vincent that’s for sure. Also, he was surprised that Vincent was a beast but was it just me or had he been sensing Vincent this whole episode?

Probably my favorite part of this episode was how worried JT was about germs in the safe house instead of the genetically mutated beast coming after him. I am really glad that he is back together with Tess.

Overall, I didn’t really like this episode. I don’t feel like the storyline progressed at all this week. All we really learned is that Liam is a superhuman beast and that JT should be worried about nose bleeds.

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