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Pixels Review (No Spoilers) - Cinema Shelf
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Pixels Review (No Spoilers)


Pixels gave me a little more than what I predicted. In my post from earlier this week, I said not to watch Pixels because I felt it would be mediocre. But that doesn’t mean that the movie was good. In this movie, Adam Sandler plays his typical role of being a grown adult who is capable of so much more but has no drive or initiative (this can be seen in Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, Billy Madison, 50 First Dates, The Cobbler, and I’m probably missing a couple others). Kevin James is the best friend of Adam Sandler and PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I don’t think his character really fit as the President. I actually thought Josh Gad did a great job playing the super nerd in this movie. He had some funny parts although at times he was a little over the top.

There were parts where I had a good laugh like I also mentioned in our Skip & Watch post for this week. Those parts were few and far between. While there were a lot of moments that were meant to be funny, I felt that they trying too hard to make me laugh. Some parts that were meant to be funny were just plain weird. It seemed like they were trying to make me laugh by doing the most weird and random thing possible. On a side note, for being a movie that seemed to be branded for kids, there was a lot of adult humor put in. I did not think this movie was for kids until seeing trailers for an Alvin & The Chipmunks sequel, The Good Dinosaur by Pixar, and Hotel Transylvania 2 before the movie.

Without giving anything away, I thought the story was very predictable. The writing was done in such a way that you pretty much always knew what would happen next. I would have loved to see some surprises or plot twists in this movie.

I know my post sounds very negative, but I thought there were some good things about this movie as well. I am a fan of video games so naturally, I enjoyed seeing all these games in real life. I was surprised to see cameos by video game characters that have been historically hard to get in other media (*coughMARIOcough*). The special effects used in this movie did a good job of bringing these video game characters to life while keeping their 80’s look.

The bottom line: 5/10. Pixels is a really good concept but just not executed properly. It would be really cool to see a prominent film studio take a crack at this movie making it more of an adventure/sci-fi film rather than a comedy.

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