Questions answered by the leaked Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenplay?

Spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII) ahead! If you haven’t seen the movie then come back and read this AFTER you’ve seen it!



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According to reports from IGN and /Film, the leaked screenplay from The Force Awakens provides answers to questions that the movie left us with. The screenplay apparently comes from the Writers Guild of America, which was provided for this coming awards season. Many of the questions the script “answers” are not questions like “is Rey Luke’s daughter” or anything like that. The answers we get from the script just give us more detail and depth to the scenes we saw, and even extend some of the more mysterious moments of the movie. Here are a FEW of the biggest answers we get.

-The hall we see in Rey’s vision when she first touches the lightsaber is, in fact, a hallway “deep” inside of cloud city.

-The name of the island Luke is on at the end of The Force Awakens is called “AHCH-TO”. Many have said this means “act 2” because the episode 8 is set up on that island. Others have claimed it’s the Hebrew word for brother, although I’m not buying that because the Hebrew word for brother is more closely translated in English by spelling it “Ach” (pronounced awkh). If we’re going to say it could be Hebrew then we may as well claim that it could be German which would be closely translated to “oh!”, as in “Oh! There’s Luke!” Or better yet, why not google what “ach” is in an Irish dialect? Apparently it means “but”, which seemingly makes more sense than it meaning brother. Not to mention that scene was filmed in Ireland, so a fitting tribute if that is the case. I’m just making the point that we have no actual idea as to what that planet’s name means.

-Rey feels the pull to the darkside more than Kylo Ren during their fight scene, even to the point she must stop herself from killing Kylo at the end of their battle.

-Luke knows who Rey is immediately when he sees he at the end. He is described as feeling amazed and conflicted when he sees her, even goes so far to say he feels tortured when he sees her.

-Kylo Ren is actually weakened when he kills Han Solo.

-And according to Indiewire the scene in Rey’s vision where we see R2-D2 and Luke in front of something burning was actually meant to be a little longer. We were supposed to see the burning Jedi temple that Luke had formed, then see Luke drop to his knees and touch R2; whereas in the movie all we saw was Luke touching R2.


Check out the links provided in this article to read more for yourself! Thanks to all our sources: IGN, /Film, and Indiewire

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