Run to the light! – Poltergeist (2015) Review

The remake of this classic was in some ways a fresh new depiction of the original story, including some major changes.


New spirit guide. Back in the old days (1982), they found an actor with a uniquely creepy and odd voice (Zelda Rubinstein) who played the role of Tangina, the most knowledgeable of all about the spiritual forces and particularly the poltergeist at hand. Although she made the original movie corny in some ways, she also made it creepy and mysterious. Having Tangina not be in the movie was both hurtful and beneficial for the movie. From one perspective it allowed the movie to become less corny and more realistic. As a result, the occurrences of the poltergeist were slightly scarier. Another perspective is that the movie in a sense lost its icon, everybody remembers the creepy voice of Tangina (even though they don’t remember her name). In fact before watching this remake, I only remembered a few things about the old one: the girl in the TV, the mirror scene, and the spirit lady with the creepy voice.


Now the role is played by a man named, Carrigan Burke (Jared Harris), who has a british accent that could be compared to Mad-Eye Moody. He just wasn’t really as pivotal in the movie, he didn’t really seem like the hero like Tangina did.


Spoiler Alert!!!


There was one particular part in the movie that was especially scary for me. It happened where the camera was following a character and very subtly you saw a creepy dark figure in the room with them. I barely noticed it because we were focused on other scary scenes that were going on.


The tree scene reminded me of another Harry Potter moment, it reminded me about the Whomping Willow which swayed back and forth grabbing things with its twigs and branches.

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It wasn’t a bad movie, it wasn’t a horrible remake, but it was not up there with the conjuring, sinister, or Shutter (the original Thai version). I would still recommend watching it just for the sake of nostalgia.


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