Russo Brothers Posting Spider-Man costume pics?

Yesterday I woke up and started seeing everyone on Facebook posting articles that are claiming the Russo brothers have started posting photos of extreme close ups of things from “Captain America: Civil War”. These things include: a Chair (maybe?), something that looks spider-man-ish, and a few other things that seem like teases from the Spider-man

From the first moment I saw this I thought it wasn’t real. The Russo’s don’t really use Twitter, so it’s interesting to think that they would suddenly and randomly start posting photos of the very closely guarded new Spider-Man costume. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I don’t believe the photos are real at all. I think this was some fan that happened to be able to get the Twitter handle that referenced the Russo brothers.

Though, the posts were fun and cool to imagine what kind of Spider-Man costume would look like the photos, but it’s most likely not real.

I wrote this whole post then began to see reports of other producers/directors saying the Russo brothers are NOT on Twitter and that it’s a totally fake string of posts.


Feel free to comment and let us know what you think about the costumes/posts, and what you think the Spider-Man costume should look like!


Article By: Travis Thomas

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