Scarification | Gotham

Rocket launcher? Welcome to Gotham, Sir.

Penguin wants to be Theo Galavan’s friend in order to get his mother back. However, Galavan has enough friends apparently and wants to continue to use Penguin as his tool.

The Penguin has always been a little unstable. Now with his mother being held hostage and the entire Gotham city police after him, he’s about to have a meltdown of epic proportions.

While we’re on the subject of meltdowns, Enigma and fondue? That’s not going to end well, to be honest I’m surprised he’s lasted this long without snapping again.

I’m with Gordon, why’d she invite them over? Now they are going to be trapped in their apartment with a crazy man and his girlfriend.

Penguin is an arsonist now? Galavan is really knocking him down a few pegs. All he wants is a little respect, if Galavan keeps treating Penguin like this he’s going to end up like Fish.

What I really want to know is what’s in that little box that keeps getting passed around?

Machetes, night vision goggles? I didn’t realize there was a Walmart for criminals. Then again, this is Gotham so I probably shouldn’t be too surprised.

An eyeball!!! And she touched it! Now I wish I didn’t know what was in the box.

According to the creepy antiques lady, Galavan and the Wayne family go way, way back. I’m going to guess his running for mayor isn’t just for the power, but also for revenge. When someone cuts off the hand of your long lost ancestor, I guess that’s something you don’t forget.

The Penguin has truly lost his marbles. He just cut off the hand of his one true “friend.” I know that Butch is conditioned to do whatever Penguin says, but I would think getting your hand chopped off would break even the most conditioned criminal.

There’s been an awful lot of hand chopping this episode, just saying.

The first member of the Alpha Team has been killed. In order to catch the cop killer, Gordon has joined sides with Galavan. Little does Gordon know, Galavan is the reason his cop is dead. Not only that, he’s also after Bruce.

Selina helped the fire girl escape and judging by next week’s preview they’re teaming up to become the dynamic duo. This season really is the rise of the villains and I’m interested to see who this newest villain evolves into.

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