I tried to watch the premiere of Scream Queens, but only lasted 15 minutes or so. After hearing a bunch of rave reviews I decided to give it a second shot.

Is everyone in this show? I mean Jamie Lee Curtis, that girl from SNL, Rachel Berry, the littlest Jo Bro, the list goes on.

The show starts with a sorority party in 1995 where a freshman girl gives birth and then dies. Fastforward to 2015 where we meet Chanel the Queen of the Kappas (aka Queen Bitch). I mean the former queen be got a hydrochloric acid spray tan (ouch!) probably because of Chanel.

Then we are introduced to little innocent Grace and her dad (the stupid guy from Rules of Engagement). Grace plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pledge Kappa.

The Dean (Jamie Lee Curtis) is set on destroying Kappa. In order to do so she forces Kappa to accept all pledges this year. This includes “Neckbrace,” “Deaf Taylor Swift,” and Jennifer the candle blogger.

Over the course of the two hour series premiere, we find several dead bodies and discover there is a serial killer in a devil costume running rampant on the campus. These deaths are pretty gruesome. I mean the deaf girl just got her head mowed off (who comes up with this stuff?).

Now Niecy Nash shows up?

Then we learn that the housekeeper and the Dean helped cover up the 1995 death. Everyone on this show is connected to one of these murders in some way or another.

The devil is the mascot? And Pete is the mascot? And he’s the same age as the baby? Interesting.

So much happened during this episode I can’t even process it all. I did come to understand why the show is called Scream Queens. The girls on this show are all very good at screaming.

This show is weird and creepy and I haven’t quite made up my mind as to whether or not I’m going to continue to watch it. However, I might have another Pretty Little Liars situation on my hands where I watch just to find out who it is behind all the madness.

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