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Season Finale Part 1 of Bachelor in Paradise - Cinema Shelf
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Season Finale Part 1 of Bachelor in Paradise

Last week’s episode ended with Ashley I. swooping in and stealing Jarod away from Jaclyn. This episode begins with Ashley I. finally gets her overnight date with Jarod and we all know what that means …

Oh my goodness I can’t believe Mikey just broke up with Juelia. The poor girl just can’t seem to catch a break on this show. I do agree with her decision to leave right after that break up. I don’t know how much more heartbreak she could take.

After Ashley I. stole Jarod away, Jaclyn asks Justin out and he accepts. However, shortly after accepting the date a new girl, Cassandra, comes to paradise and asks Justin out. Justin feels that he has more of a connection with Cassandra and rejects Jaclyn. Now Jaclyn is on the war path (I could tell she was crazy from the moment she entered paradise).

Since there’s no one Jaclyn going to ask out Nick decides to ask for her date card so he can take Sam out. However, he screwed over Jaclyn and her best friend on Bachelor Pad so she used this opportunity to get some revenge and forced him to make a fool of himself in order to earn the date card.

Justin doesn’t know it now, but I think he made a really good choice in avoiding his date with Jaclyn (girl’s crazy!). Anyways, he seems to really be hitting it off with Cassandra and their whole parent connection.

Ashley I. thinks their connection is so much stronger after their date (of course) whereas Jarod is still not feeling the relationship (I mean he’s only broken up with her how many times?).  He tells her as much and decides to leave immediately, leaving a heartbroken Ashley I. behind.

Chris Harrison just announced that there will not be a cocktail party this week and they will be going straight to the rose ceremony.

Ashley I. decides to take herself out of the situation and leave before the rose ceremony begins.

The rose ceremony begins and it starts out with no surprises, all the couples pick each other. Then we get to Dan, the wild card, who chooses to leave instead of picking someone.

Mikey is left with the last rose. He asks Mackenzie who rejects him in front of everyone and chooses to go home instead. After that rejection, Mikey really had no other choice than to go home. I mean he probably should have just gone home when Juelia did anyways.

Eight people went home during that rose ceremony, plus three others left earlier. Now all that’s left are five couples.

Chris Harrison just announced that there will be no new arrivals this week and each couple will get a one-on-one date with a fantasy suite.

Kirk and Carly appear to be the strongest couple in paradise, but Kirk just told the guys that he’s having doubts. This is not going to go well for Carly, she has absolutely no clue that he has doubts.

Carly and Kirk just had an awful breakup. I honestly have no words for what just went down.

After that breakup, only four couples remain. The previews for tonight’s episode make it seem like one couple is getting engaged. Who that is, at this point, I am not sure.

Lots of stuff went down in this episode and it looks like lots it going to go down in tonight’s episode. Now I just have to wait and see how this all ends.

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