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Sicario Review - Cinema Shelf
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From the director of the movie Prisoners comes one of the best movies of 2015. Sicario takes us to a world full of drugs, murder, and cartels. The action is tense, the stakes are high, and the story/plot is simple but out of this world in quality.

Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin head up a great cast. One of the most surprising combinations from 2015, Sicario provides a look at what happens when a dynamic set of actors and actresses are given a great story to run with.

I’ll give a few brief overviews of the cinematography/acting/directing, character building, and then go into a spoiler paragraph about the plot/story.

The acting, directing, and producing seem to be on par with many of the best picture Oscar winners. It would be no surprise to see this movie in the final conversations for a variety of nominations when the time comes. Like I referenced before, this movie has a fantastic cast, and one that uses the simplicity of a few interactions and SHOWS us what the intention of the scene is. This is something that many movies lack, movies give us the chance to see what’s in the script as opposed to simply hearing some exposition that explains everything. We get to see Emily Blunt struggle through some of the grueling and horrific moments she has to witness or experience. Though exposition may be necessary, they portray it in a way that actually shows us how we should feel and why we should feel it. I’ll avoid spoilers here, but if you watch the movie you’ll see what I mean.

The characters are as strong as they’re written and acted (the most obvious statement ever), but really, this is such a strong script and these actors make us feel the actions and plot rather than just hear it. Finding the right balance of character building and plot building is hard. Sicario may miss the mark in a few moments, but overall, they nail it when it comes to building these characters as either likable or hatable. The villains hide behind the scenes, and the build up to seeing them (not a spoiler) is sensational once we get to the climactic moments. Even the character building with characters that we only get a few minutes with is great. Benicio Del Toro is essentially Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid games, at least when it comes to that wildcard character, but Emily Blunt plays the very likable main who is VERY easy to like (if you don’t mind some whining every now and then). Josh Brolin plays the guy whose seen it all, and the person that nothing can surprise.

From the dry beginning to the gruesome discoveries, this movie packs a punch with insane revelations and intense dialogue that will satisfy your need for a great movie on a Saturday night


You can find the movie in iTunes movie available for rental or purchase. Or several other services as well.



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