Sins of the Fathers – Beauty and the Beast Review

You may have noticed (or maybe you didn’t) that I didn’t write a review of last week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast. The reason is while I did find the episode slightly more interesting with the whole Liam story, overall I felt that the episode was very boring and not worth writing about.

The last couple of episodes have been super boring in my opinion. However, the addition of Liam as the beast from Rebecca’s past is making things a bit more interesting.

I am really not enjoying this whole JT is dying story line. He is probably my favorite character on this show, but they have made him boring and taken away his hypochondriac charm. I miss the old JT.

Liam is devious, smart, and very unlikable aka the perfect villain. This week we learned that he is the way he is because his mother had an affair with a beast. Now, he is taking revenge on his family that previously persecuted him because he was different by killing them off one by one.

They are finally getting back to the way the show was when it first started. A real villain, a real problem, a real story line.

Cat and Vincent are crossing a few lines to stop Liam. I mean they did just break Cat’s dad out of federal prison so he could help make the same formula that erased Vincent’s memory. Talk about breaking the rules.

This episode had a lot of death and destruction. However, it did progress the story in a good way. I don’t want to give it all away, I will say this is probably the best episode Beauty and the Beast has had in a while. Also, I had previously considered dropping this show, but this week’s episode made me reconsider that decision. Make sure you keep following along to find out what happens next.

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