Skip and Watch: September 11, 2015

This is a week I’ve been looking forward to for awhile now. The possible resurgence of a former Hollywood great, plus many others movies that are still in theatres that are pretty fantastic.


SKIP: 90 Minutes in Heaven

This movie may interest some but it does not really interest me at all. The recent release of several spiritually driven movies is great, and they’ve been doing relatively well. But this movie does not strike me as unique or qualified as a “must watch” for movie fans this weekend. This feels more like a “watch with your grandparents on VHS” type of movie. I’m saying skip it, you can say whatever you want, and that’s the beauty of the internet (kinda).


WATCH: The Visit

My enjoyment of M Night Shyamalan movies has been well documented, at least the enjoyment of almost all his work before the last 1.5 acts of The Village. Pretty miserable kind of person you have to be to ruin a great movie for the sake of a twist. IF ONLY THE MONSTERS WERE REAL. I digress…we are finally getting a seemingly solid movie that doesn’t really have to have a big twist to be good. In fact, this movie has no expectations of being good in most people’s minds. Which is why it’s my “watch it” movie for this week. You will most likely be surprised with how fun of a movie it is…I hope!


What do you think!?


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