Skip it & Watch! July 30 – Aug. 2

If you’re thinking about going to a movie this weekend, KEEP READING. This guide exists to help you save money, or rather not WASTE money on terrible movies. Unless you are using MoviePass, then go for it.

This week’s movie to not watch: Vacation

Let’s be real, does this movie look good? Not really. I know some people hate the phrase “wait until Redbox or Netflix”, but come on! Vacation seems like another movie in a long string of not so good comedies that try to reimagine some awesome and hilarious film franchise. Maybe it’s the marketing, or maybe it’s the cast. Either way, there is another option at the movie theatre that would be a way better experience.


Watch instead: Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation

It’s Tom Cruise, people. TOM CRUISE. What’s not to like!? (other than all that weird stuff) He’s a crazy good actor, minus the 2nd Mission: Impossible. But seriously, this movie looks pretty solid. After a great showing from Tom Cruise and his castmates in Ghost Protocol, we have nothing but good things to expect. Tom Cruise has been on a string of really good movies. Say what you want about Live. Die. Repeat or Edge of Tomorrow or whatever it’s called now, regardless that movie was pretty dang good! These movies are fun, and I know we’re pretty excited to see Tom Cruise do some crazy stunts in this movie! Think what you want about Tom Cruise’s personal life, but there’s no denying his talent or his dedication to being one of the best in the business when it comes to being a total professional.


We’d mark it down as a summer “must-see”!


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