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Sony E3 Conference Wrap Up - Cinema Shelf
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Sony E3 Conference Wrap Up

Sony delivered a huge amount of hype with their conference, revealing some tasty looking new IPs, returning names and even one or two genuine surprises. To summarise;

God Of War

Sony kicked off the show with the big reveal of God of War, showing off some gameplay and an older, beared Kratos, training his son in their hunt for food, the game boasts an over the shoulder view point and seems to be an effort to steer the franchise into a new direction.

I’ve never personally played the game, but this looks like a really solid game, and judging by the response of those in attendance, it’s going to be a hugely anticipated title.

Sony’s conference kicked off with a live demo of God of War. With a bearded Kratos, his unknown son, and a new over-the-shoulder perspective, it’s looking like a new direction for the storied franchise.

Detroit: Become Human

Here is a very intriguing one, Detroit explores the idea of humanity and it’s relationship with androids, the trailer shows a male android, named Connor, in the middle of negotiations with another android who has a little girl held with a gun to her head. Connor appears to be a detective or agent and the trailer shows that the altercation has a number of outcomes based on your decisions prior.

Very comparable to the likes of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, also created by David Cage, this looks like a genuinely potential filled game, it looks beautiful.

Days Gone

Sony Bend shows us Days Gone. A post apocalyptic game similar in tone to The Last of Us, but focusing on survival and coming to grips with the new world around you. With a taste of Sons of Anarchy, the games protagonist is from a biker gang and delivers an emotional speech over a number of scenes throughout the trailer.

It looks like this game will he narrative heavy, very much an emotional journey, once again, there’s plenty of potential here, and something different at this current time.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games’ deliver a new IP and it has an impressive look to it, Sony’s latest demo showed off a prehistoric looking world and some beautiful mechanical animals on display.

It’s set for a February 2017 release, so the wait isn’t a particularly long one, but nonetheless will feel that way anyway.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The long awaited Lego adaption is most definitely on the way after this display, it’s the same Lego charm that you’ll know and love and will treat the movie with the same light hearted whimsy that it always does with all of its adaptions.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 was unveiled with a creepy, dark and gritty trailer, looking like it may finally return to its survival horror roots, the trailer was fantastic and the unveiling of the Resident Evil name was definitely an eye opener, as nobody expected it.

The game is apparently going to be a first person game, and looks similar to games such as Outlast, Daylight, Layers of Fear and the brilliant P.T. Demo. It will also support Playstation VR.

Playstation VR 

PlayStation VR was a big focus for the conference, as the peripheral launches in October. A number of new experiences and games exclusive to VR were announced, including an X-Wing mission for Star Wars Battlefront, a Final Fantasy VR game, the sci-fi shooter Farpoint, and the Batman Arkham VR demo. Additionally, it was announced that Detroit: Become Human would be playable in VR as well as with a regular console/television setup.

Death Stranding

The legend that is Hideo Kojima came out to reveal Death Stranding. Nothing exactly informative came from the trailer but it’s surreal and bizarre visuals are definitely something to be excited about. Norman Reedus stars, and the game looks to be bringing some ideas from Silent Hill to the forefront. I can’t wait to learn more.

Skylanders Imaginators 

The upcoming Skylanders game was used more to show of the return of a very iconic character, something that had the entire audience very happy and I personally cannot wait for this because…

Crash Bandicoot Remastered

Sony’s Shawn Laden entered the stage with the classic theme music playing and the silhouette behind him of Crash Bandicoot, as he announced that Activision were remastering the first three Crash games from the ground up for the Playstation 4.


Insomniac Games is currently developing Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. It doesn’t appear to be a tie-in adaptation of any Spider-Man films, although little information about it is currently known. However the trailer does show off some exciting gameplay and an impressive looking combat system.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian finally has a release date. It will be available on the PlayStation 4 on October 25, 2016.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Some space combat from Infinite Warfare was shown during the conference, featuring zero-gravity fighting and spaceships. This is the second time Call of Duty has been at home on PlayStation platforms, so expect to hear more about timed exclusives in the next few months leading up to its release.

That’s Sony’s conference wrapped up and I personally believe it stole the show, it delivered on every front and was a non stop barrage of trailers and news.

More information will follow on all of these titles as it becomes available. Image credit goes to Sony.

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