Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge News

Welcome to CinemaShelf crossover week! This week we have special guest hosts on Beyond the Outer Rim. Travis and Kameona from CinemaShelf News & Reviews take over for Jon, Ross and Logan. You can catch the usual Beyond the Outer Rim guys over on MasterQuast podcast for gamers tomorrow!

Travis and Kameona discuss the latest Galaxy’s Edge news that came from Destination D last week. We discuss the new ride names, descriptions, and give our opinions on how some of this stuff will look.

Sources on the Destination D news: WDW News Today article about attraction names | WDW News Today article about Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance | WDW News Today article about Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

The wrap up the episode Travis and Kameona break down the 3 facets of Star Wars (movies, TV and games) and explain what they think works and what doesn’t.

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