Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Blu-Ray Bonus Content

Today Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital-HD.

On the newly released editions we get a multitude of bonus content. This includes a few great behind the scenes looks at TFA, along with some great moments we haven’t seen before.

The hour (or so) documentary we get on the bonus content side of the release gives us a decent look into how the movie was developed, but not necessarily how it was made. Does that make sense?

We get a pretty good understanding of how Kathleen Kennedy and crew were able to form the movie and make it one of the most fun experiences in a theatre in recent memories. We get a glimpse into how the story was developed between JJ Abrams and Larry Kasdan. This means we get a solid sense of how deep the art crew and writers room delved into the back story and history of this saga. What the TFA crew did for fans is amazing, and it feels as if this documentary is a window into how they got to the point that have us such a fun movie. Maybe people did not like the movie because it was too much like A New Hope, but this documentary shows just how much they wanted it to be similar but different.

My only complaint, so far, with the bonus features are as follows

1. We don’t get all of the deleted scenes, at least it seems.

We know there were scenes that were cut that are not included within the bonus content.

2. We don’t get all of the behind the scenes footage.

It’s pretty obvious that we’re going to get some type of special edition in the future that features even more bonus content.

3. No commentary

While this may be included on the aforementioned future special edition release, we DO NOT get a commentary from anyone. The one wish most people had that we have interacted with was that there would be some type of director and/or actor commentary.

Did you pick up the DVD or Blu-Rey (see what I did there?) today? Let us know what you think about the bonus content of movie on Twitter @CinemaShelf

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