Stay At Home Mom | The Mindy Project

Mindy and Danny of course have different ideas of what a stay at home mom does. For Mindy it means no pants and getting extra sleep while Danny expects her to cook and clean. But don’t worry, Mindy found a blog to help turn her into a 1950’s housewife.

I think Mindy could use some cooking classes. Danny’s morning coffee was just an unopened Keurig pot in a mug of hot water and you can only eat grilled cheese and tomato soup so many ways before you need a change.

The new Southern doctor is looking for a date for his sister. However, the types of dates they’re looking for are very different. To help spare his feelings, she asked Morgan to help her out and be her beard.

In true sitcom form, Danny thinks Mindy has it easy staying home all day with baby Leo so naturally they are switching roles to prove each other wrong.

Eventually the sister nurse gets tired of hiding who she really is from her brother but seriously who uses the intercom at work to tell their brother they’re a lesbian?

Mindy rocked her day in Danny’s role, Danny not so much. He had to bring in his mommy for help (no judgement here, I don’t think I could do it by myself).

Naturally just as Mindy is about to tell Danny how she truly feels and that she wants to go back to work he gets a phone call that changes everything.

Danny’s dad is in the hospital and Danny has to go take care of him. Mindy gets to go back to work but Danny thinks she’s just doing it to help out not because it’s what she truly wants to do.

I feel bad for Mindy that she hasn’t been able to tell Danny how she truly feels. If you’ve been watching The Mindy Project for any length of time, you know that this is eventually going to blow up big time. Now we just have to sit back and wait for that explosion.

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